Plant Advice

Plant Advice
From Our Garden Nursery Serving the Jacksonville, FL Area

Do you have questions about your landscaping? Want to provide you plants with the best care so they can grow to the best of their ability? Concerned about what type of maintenance your shrubs need? You've come to the right place!

Here at G & K Nursery, we don't just sell plants - we want to help you take care of them too! Our experts have years of knowledge and experience working with all types of plants, both foreign and native to the Jacksonville, FL area. We can give you all sorts of tips and tricks to help your plant life blossom! Please call our garden nursery to learn more.
Did you know:
  • Certain insecticides should only be used on certain plants. If not, you could potentially damage or kill your plants!

  • Over fertilizing will burn your plants, possibly killing them in the process

  • Possibly the most deceptive plant killer is root rot. It causes the plant to look wilted and dry but adding more water helps the fungus grow and kill the plant quicker

  • Pruning shrubs not only enhance their look, but also help them grow!

  • Learn to identify what weeds in your garden are bad weeds. Make sure to pull the bad ones to ensure they don't effect your other plants!

  • Every plant has its own specific needs when it comes to being watered. Depending on their type, it can be easy to distinguish how much water they need. Not sure? Our garden nursery experts can help!

  • Be sure to watch out for pests! Some pests, such as aphids and caterpillars, can cause extreme amounts of damage to your plants. Keep an eye on them and turn to our experts if you notice damage.

Visit our garden nursery for more tips and tricks!

Need more guidance? Call or stop into our garden center today! Our experts would be more than happy to help you!
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